High Definition Video That Views, Records, and Identifies

At Advance Technology Inc., we offer a full line of high definition video surveillance technology that allows you to watch streaming video of incidents on your handheld or mobile device and/or to record and store video for short or extended periods, depending on your security needs. ATI’s video systems can be fully managed in-house with video management software solutions by you and your staff, or they can be managed by our 24/7/365 video monitoring service. We can also provide you with video-guard tours and video-escorts, allowing you to reduce the number of guards needed on site.

Enhancements to todays CCTV & video technology allow every industry to detect fraud and theft and monitor production, productivity and safety in a single facility or throughout a global footprint. You can link your buildings, campuses, and city locations over your network, viewing all of your locations and cameras remotely at your desktop or at a command and control center.


Networking your video can keep you connected to your information around the corner and around the world. Whether your network is wireless or not, you can connect multiple remote viewers to your video management system. When you manage multiple locations from your desktop, the savings in time and the advanced productivity make your solutions an economical option for viewing all your cameras through our video management software solutions.  This allows you to manage situations, no matter where they are located.

At Advance Technology, we believe that the quality of our installation and services are every bit as important as the quality of our equipment. Our technicians are factory trained, highly motivated and take great pride in their work.

Our sales professionals are committed to building long term relationships with our clients based on trust and respect. We've built a strong, healthy foundation on this philosophy and plan to continue building on it into the future.

Video Cameras

Our camera technology results in increased sensitivity, higher resolution and improved picture quality to satisfy even the most exacting specifications. From simple applications to super low light conditions, or for pan/tilt/zoom needs, we have the camera to fit your needs.

Digital Recording

Network and Digital Video Recorders (NVRs and DVRs) have revolutionized the surveillance industry. They will simultaneously display live streaming video or recorded video.  They can host multiple remote users, archiving video while still recording video, audio and text streams. You may record in real time by motion sensors, alarm events, and text transactions. Our technology gives you the power to view anything, anywhere, at anytime.

Our hosted video solutions offer video management solutions without the cost of video management software, recording and storage costs.  Your video images are stored in the cloud in sync with a local NAS (network attached storage) device, that captures and manages recent content.

Our system captures, records, and can send streaming video to your managers or security officer. 

Live Viewing, Managing and Recording with No Video Recorder Costs

Our Advance Cloud Video solution has all of the advantages of an IP-based video surveillance system but eliminates all of your current and future storage costs and reduces your systems complexity.  

Our video surveillance system is operated and managed through our ATI web-browser from anywhere the internet reaches and is available to you anywhere, at anytime.  This means no hardware or software is needed.  Our cloud based HVR-enabled (hosted video recorder) network cameras can access any broadband routers and transverse firewalls.  They will simply auto negotiate to our HVR servers with absolutely no configuration necessary.

Within minutes of connecting our cameras to the network, you will have secure access to video footage without any router or firewall configurations, both in real time and in playback mode for later review.  This easy accessibility is available for a simple monthly fee that makes budgeting costs quick and easy.  Your cameras can be easily moved to another location where they will auto negotiate to the HVR.

Advance Technology can receive immediate disconnect notifications if a camera goes offline allowing us to review the matter remotely and schedule a technician to fix the problem, if necessary.  Your system will receive seamless firmware upgrades as they become available, providing you with maximum functionality at all times.

Benefits of Advance Cloud Video:

  • No need for a current or future DVR - all recording is in “the cloud,” offsite on a Hosted Video Recorder (HVR)
  • Cameras automatically communicate through customer’s firewalls to hosted “cloud” servers.
  • Seamless firmware upgrades
  • Low cost of ownership for a small monthly fee
  • Our HVR can access any broadband router
  • Add local NAS storage to record High Definition camera data for immediate storage as protection in the event that internet connection is temporarily lost.
  • Accesses video via web browser, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices
  • Easily relocated at any time to locations with  internet access

Save money and maintain the advantages of an IP-based sytem by using Advance Cloud Video.