Integrated Electronic Solutions for Transportation

Transportation systems move the world. Cargo is moved in ships, tractor trailers, trucks, trains, planes, busses, and automobiles. You may be carrying hazardous materials, precious cargo, or people!  Whether your picking up or dropping off your cargo at a seaport, on a tarmac, at a warehouse, a train depot, a bus station, or street corner, your cargo transport system has electronic technology needs.


Cargo loads disappear and transport drivers are at risk!  Loading docks, warehouses and parking areas can be a doorway to theft. Cab drivers and buses never know who they’ll pick up, and what situations they might be dragged into. Ports, trains and train stations, busses and bus stations, subways, and planes, all of our transportation delivery vehicles face unprecedented risks in todays transportation system.  From terrorists to tonights over served, you never know what you'll be facing. 

We offer a full line of high definition video surveillance systems that can be mounted in moving vehicles and can transmit live video.  We even have streaming video options that provide a 360 degree view.  Access control technology can be tied to streaming video and GPS reckoning systems so every time a cargo door is opened, streaming video is sent to a your monitoring facility, or our monitoring facility, pinpointing the transports location along with what's happening, allowing either of us to provide police response if there is a risk incident.  Our video monitoring solutions provide two way audio communications with drivers and/or intruders, minimizing risks and often causing intruders to run as they realize they are being filmed and watched.

We offer asset tracking for goods protection.  Basically, we can protect your cargo, your transporters, your warehouses, shipping areas, facilities, parking areas or everything in the transportation process, no matter what you are moving or how it is being moved.

Audio Visual

We design network operations center for command and control solutions. You can manage, monitor and communicate with your cargo carriers 24/7/365. You can reroute carriers, warn against problem areas, and monitor your drivers safety and their cargo all the time. Our audio video solutions offer a variety of communications tools and the presentation backbones to use these tools. Our digital signage can direct traffic, passengers, fleets and transports to the right location on your site. If areas become congested, our signage can be changed to redirect traffic to other areas on-site or off-site, providing traffic flow management. Our digital signage systems are used in airports, train and bus stations, fleet parking areas, or anywhere that requires communicating with travelers and managing traffic flow.

Maintenance Services

We offer a full suite of maintenance services for all the systems we install, providing on-site and remote maintenance solutions that can lower your service costs and improve your systems efficiency. Make sure to protect your investments with a service contract.