TeamViewer QuickSupport

Setting up QuickSupport with TeamViewer for remote assistance is quick and simple. First, download and run "QuickSupport" on your Windows or Apple computer. TeamViewer automatically generates an encrypted ID and password when it runs. This encrypted connection will allow the ATI Remote Support Technician to have full access to your computer during the troubleshooting session. No other configuration or installation is required. 

1. Download the TeamViewerQS.exe file by clicking the button below.


2. When prompted, open or download the file and then run the program.

TV open.PNG

3. Run the downloaded TeamViewerQS.exe file. The TeamViewer QuickSupport Window will open and generate a session code. Enter your name and a description of your support request. You will automatically be placed in the queue and an ATI Remote Support Technician will be with you shortly.