Preventing Infant and Pediatric Abductions, Patient Elopements, and Wandering

We design, install and maintain approved patient security systems for the healthcare industry. These systems ensure that infants and children are not abducted or can prevent patients from eloping or wandering off from a healthcare facility.

A secure healthcare facility give patients, visitors and caregivers peace of mind so they can focus on their reason for being there - having a child, their own recovery, visiting a loved one or providing care to a patient in need.

How it Works

Our automated electronic security systems use RFID, or radio frequency identification tags, that produce a wireless radio signal that automatically identifies the person wearing them. Tags are easily and comfortably attached to a wrist or ankle with tamper resistant and cut resistant bands.

The tags contain no batteries and are powered simply by radio waves. RFID readers are installed at the boundaries of the property where a patient is expected to remain. If a patient moves towards the boundaries or out of the defined area, the tag will emit an alarm, alerting staff and security professionals identifying where the patient tried to leave the defined area.

If an alert is sounded doors can be locked down in an area or throughout a facility. Cameras can be tied into the alarm system to physically watch and monitor stairwells, hallways, elevators and exits, recording, identifying and stopping abductors, runners or wanderers.

One Resource

We provide patient security solutions for hospitals, nursing facilities, long term care, daycare and psychiatric and Alzheimer units. Our systems are remotely maintained 24/7/365 allowing us to upgrade software, make needed adjustments or diagnose problems.

Understanding Your Objectives and Integrating The Right Solutions

RFID patient security solutions provide a new and higher level of patient safety within your facility, decreasing your liability and increasing your value within your community. Our systems provide you with a competitive edge over other facilities and will provide family members with an increased level of comfort regarding their loved ones care and safety. Advance Technology sales and engineering team will partner with you to help identify exactly what you need in your facility.

Our team will train you and your team on how to maximize the use of your new system. We’ll maintain your system with a service contractremote maintenance and/or with onsite services.

24/7/365 Service and Support

Our talented technicians and support personnel bring over 50 years of experience to each integrated project, ensuring that every design is best in class and easy to use. Our engineers and technicians understand the importance of quality and attention to detail in each installation. The result will be a safe patient security solution, that is easy to use and that blends high functionality for a maximum return on your investment.

We Offer Safety and Security for Your Patients:

  • Infant

  • Pediatric
  • Adult

Tags are Used To:

  • Enroll a patient into the hospital

  • Match a mother with her infant(s) at the time of birth

  • Identify when a patient has been release
  • Identify open beds
  • Assist in managing housekeeping tasks.

We Serve:

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Facilities

  • Long-Term Care
  • Daycare