Automated Energy Monitoring and Management, AV, Security, Lighting, and Room Scheduling

Many Electronic Solutions with Just One User Interface

At Advance Technology, we provide a single user interface to manage your buildings electronic solutions. In todays increasingly automated world, the ability to tie multiple systems together for greater efficiencies and to lower your operating costs is a reality.

HVAC and lighting controls tied together with sensors and access control technology allow facilities managers to heat, cool and light areas only when they need to be.

Our system allows you to view your lighting levels, temperature and shade positions in every room, both graphically and quantitatively, while tracking your energy consumption and intelligently managing your resources.

You are able to schedule thermostats to increase and decrease, harvest daylight, open and close shades and drapes, managing the use of sunlight to control your HVAC costs. When scheduling your room use, the system triggers your HVAC system to adjust the comfort of the room, the lights, the shades, and turning on your audio video systemonly when it will be used. All of our systems and products automatically go to sleep when not in use.

Our web based user interface means that you can adjust and control lights, shades, audio video resources and your displays in one building or multiple buildings on our single platform though your PC or mobile devices. If there is a problem with your system, it will automatically alert you, allowing you to make immediate adjustments.

One Source

We provide facility managers, security managers, audio visual managers, and IT managers with a single resource to control, monitoring and manage your buildings electronic solutions through our IP web-based tools.

Your building becomes a living organism that is intelligently networked to efficiently control and manage energy, security, audio visual, lighting controls, room scheduling, and transportation in one facility, multiple facilities, or globally.

Understanding your objectives and Integrating the right solutions

Controlling, monitoring and optimizing your building systems such as your security, audio-visual and entertainment systems, and your climate and lighting controls, tying them into your time and attendance systems provides you with a level of efficiency and cost reduction that has been unknown until today.

We'll partner with you now, beginning to integrate your existing systems into a single user interface, and we’ll help you design your future solutions for even greater building efficiencies and cost controls as technology and software progresses.

Our team will train you and your team on how to maximize the use your new system. We’ll also maintain your system with a service contract, Remotely or with On-Site services.

Our talented technicians and support personnel bring over 50 years of experience to each integrated project, ensuring that every design is best in class and easy to use. Our engineers and technicians understand the importance of quality and attention to detail in each installation. The result will be an easy to use, optimal blend of high functionality and a maximum return of your investment.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency, Safety and Security

In today’s increasingly automated world, the ability to tie multiple systems together for greater efficiencies, that can lower costs, is an idea that has hit it’s stride. In an intelligent building HVAC and lighting controls are tied together with sensors and access controls enabling facilities managers to heat, cool and light areas only when they’re in use.

This is a building that is smart enough to only use the energy that it needs to meet the demands of it occupants. It is a building that exists more like a living organism - networked, intelligent, efficient, effective and synergistically linking building resources with those who use them. Now imagine the cost savings.

Energy Management Systems and Building Controls

Saving energy involves connecting, controlling, monitoring and optimizing building systems such as security, CCTV and alarm systems, access control, audio-visual and entertainment systems, climate controls, and lighting controls by tying them with time & attendance systems to create a completely integrated intelligent building solution. Integrating a wide range technologies towards one common goal takes a wide range of experience, skilled and well trained experts and a vision for the future.

Maximize efficiency and control costs with intelligent building technology from ATI!