Simple, Fast and Cost Effective

At Advance Technology, we manage your access control card enrollment and deletions, providing your employees with their individual cards, using your logos and your card technology system.  No more adds and deletes, no more card development, no more taking someone from one task to do this task, and no more full-time or part-time employee with benefits to manage your card system.

No matter the size of your organization, we can manage your ID badging and access control card system for you. Let us make your life easier.

Local ID Badge System

Advance Technology provides you with all of the needed tools to develop and manage your own ID Badging System.   Print your badges on PVC cards or directly onto your access control cards with the badge printer we supply for you.  Our system has easy to use card development software that will include your logo, employee’s pictures and a variety of access control card technologies such as barcodes, magnetic stripe, and proximity cards.  You can print cards for your staff or for visitors, allowing access to all of or part of your facility for determined periods of time or until the cards are disabled in your access control system.  

Let Advance Technology set up the perfect access control badging system for your organization.  Take full control of your access control systems from the cards, to the readers, and the software that manages your access control system and your badging solutions.

Managed ID Badge Services

Reduce your costs and remove the hassle of developing your own badges.  We’ll do it all for you.

Advance Technology’s Advance Cloud ID Badge printing provides low cost of ownership.  Purchase per badge rather than make a large investment in a badge system upfront.  You can avoid the hassle of buying ribbons, cleaning cartridges and cards for stock and eliminate costly badge printer maintenance contracts.  Let your staff focus on their job rather than printing badges.

Our Advance Cloud ID Badge services include:

  • Custom badge design for employees, departments, visitors  
  • Logos, pictures, barcodes and more
  • Ability to print on PVC blank cards or directly on Access Control Card

No matter the size of your organization, let Advance Technology manage your ID Badge Printing system.