Integrated Electronic Solutions for Government Systems and Municipalities

At  Advance Technology Inc., we have a solid foothold in providing electronic solutions for courthouses, federal and state buildings, and prisons, working closely with police, city officials and emergency response services. We understand the diverse risks and needs your organization faces, and will work hand in hand with you to provide the best integrated technology solutions to meet your needs.

Security Solutions

From terrorism to localized nuisance crime and everything in-between, we have the right solution. We offer a wide range of solutions from bollards, to metal detectors, to doors, and every type of access control technology needed in a high risk or low risk environment. We provide comprehensive security solutions for indoor and outdoor protection with high definition video surveillance solutions that can see in daylight and darkness. Our technologies are integrated together into a wide range of solutions that provide powerful protection, addressing multiple risks, in one integrated package.

Our security systems are designed for forensic determinations as well as providing live streaming video of events as they unfold, driving video content to police or security professionals for immediate response. We can provide 24/7 video monitoring with two way audio communications, video guard tours that reduce the number of guards needed on site, and we can provide video escorts when needed. We offer every type of access control technology as well as 24/7 managed access control. We provide hosted video solutions that are perfect for public events, as the cameras only need a wireless or Ethernet connection to work. They can be easily moved from event to event, indoors and outdoors, without complicated setups and tear downs. Our emergency call stations and emergency notification systems immediately alert authorities and the public in case of an event. 

You can rely on ATI to provide you with comprehensive solutions for all your security needs.

Audio Visual Solutions

We create custom integrated audio visual systems for conferencing and collaborating, allowing multiple people and organizations to communicate face to face, no matter where the organizations or individuals are in the world. We provide network operations centers (NOC), or command and control centers, for large area footprints that can feed hundreds of camera images and information to a central location, allowing you to monitor and manage situations inside your facilities or throughout an area. We provide all the tools for 911 centers and emergency response centers with the option to expand these over time, as needed. We design presentation systems for courthouses or meeting areas. ATI has all the resources to develop digital signage for emergency notifications and the software to change messages quickly and easily.

You can rely on ATI to provide you with a comprehensive audio visual solution for all your communication needs.

Intelligent Building Technology

We provide you with a single user interface to manage your buildings electronic solutions, controlling, monitoring and optimizing your buildings security systems, audio-visual and communications systems, and climate and lighting controls, tying them into your time and attendance systems. IBT delivers a new level of user efficiency that controls energy costs through harvesting sunlight and closing shades when the sunlight fades and raising and lowering your HVAC systems by room usage and much more.  Our systems provide you with a long-term, cost effective method for managing your buildings operations.

Maintenance Services

We offer a full suite of maintenance services for all the systems we install providing on-site and remote maintenance solutions that can lower your service costs and improve your systems efficiency. Protect your investment with a service contract.