Integrated Electronic Solutions for Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

The financial community has its own set of needs, risks and challenges. Since money is one of the most precious commodities on earth, it sets the parameters for banks' and credit unions' many electronic needs. At Advance Technology, we provide you with a suite of products that can stand alone or be blended together to build you the most inclusive electronic solutions on the market today.

Security Solutions

In the bank industry, you are a target for fraud, identity theft, forged checks and forged accounts, flimflams, cash counting mistakes, cashiers who pocket money, and robbers. From your safe to your ATMs to your tellers and your cash transports, there are risks that you face every day. We cut our teeth in the banking industry from the time we opened our doors in 1994. We understand your risks, your standards, and your practices, and we know exactly how to protect you.

Our systems can be tied together with many technologies to provide you with the most wide-ranging security solutions in today's world.  We provide you with a blended solution that enhances any of our independent offerings, making your system into a unique operating solution that covers all of your security risks from just one provider.

All of our systems can be outsourced and managed by our 24/7/365 UL listed and Five Diamond CSSA Certified central stations or data centers. We can fully manage all of the security solutions that you currently have providing you with all the data trails, services and system performance reports you need, while providing you with additional features and benefits that have never been possible until now!  We can lower your internal cost of operations as we add features and functionality to your current systems.

Advance Technology offers a full suite of intrusion detection systems and life safety systems that are monitored by our central station or data centers.

Our high definition video cameras can read the face amounts on a dollar bill and can provide detailed descriptions with video feeds for emergency personnel in case of a robbery of emergency event. We provide panic alarms that provide live streaming video to our monitoring facility, to emergency personnel, and to your hand held devices. Our access control systems are as safe as your locked safe is. No one can come and go without an audit trail and we tie your audit trails to high definition video camera feeds.

We offer 24/7 streaming video that will send an alarm to our monitoring agents if the software analytics in your cameras see aberrant behaviors. Our monitoring agents have two way communications and will manage your alerts. We can stream video to handheld devices and store it on hard drives or in recorders for viewing and prosecution purposes. We provide emergency call solutions and emergency notification systems ensuring the safest environments for your staff and visitors.

Audio Visual Solutions

We offer video conferencing and collaboration solutions that allow decision makers to meet together, face to face, whether they are two blocks apart or continents apart. Our media based training and distance learning centers allow you to educate your team on new products or procedures with the click of a mouse. Our network operations centers allow you to monitor and manage every branch location locally, nationally or globally for risks, from uprisings to weather conditions, ensuring the protection of all of your employees, offices and corporate executives at all times. Our digital signage solutions let you communicate with your customers and prospects about current offerings, changing rates, new products and new locations. Your signage can be easily changed with a keyboard and simple software.

Intelligent Building Technology

We can provide you with a single user interface to manage your buildings electronic solutions, controlling, monitoring and optimizing your buildings security systems, your audio-visual systems, and your climate and lighting controls. We will tie them into your time and attendance system providing you with a level of efficiency and cost reduction that has been unknown until today.

Maintenance Service

We offer a full suite of maintenance services for all the systems we install providing on-site and remote maintenance solutions that lower your service costs and improve your systems efficiency. Make sure to protect your investment with a service contract.