Comprehensive Integrated Electronic Solutions for Education

The breadth of our integrated solutions is what makes us your best partner.  We are a single source for many of your electronic solutions needs, providing security systems, audio visual solutions, parking solutions, and intelligent building systems.

Security Solutions

On-campus risks have exploded in the last decade, including everything from senseless vandalism to headline grabbing violence. At Advance Technology, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your campus by delivering high tech security solutions that are customized for each institution.

We offer a full line of emergency response systems including intrusion detection systems, life safety systems, emergency call stations, and mass notification systems.

We offer managed access control systems and standalone, self-managed access control systems. Both access control systems manage and control who enters buildings, dorms, labs, and parking lots, according to the individuals defined privileges.  Audit trails from these systems identify who came, who went, and when. You can manage the adds, deletes and privileges or we can manage these for you, reducing your in-house costs and the hassles of keeping up with all of this. Either system allows us to lock down any part of your campus in an emergency situation. By tying your access system to high definition video cameras, we are able to verify a person's identity with access control credentials. Images can be captured and stored for prosecutorial evidence, disciplinary action or to affect reimbursed funds for damages done. 

We provide high definition video camera solutions that you can monitor yourselves or we can provide you with a video monitoring solution that is monitored 24/7/365 by our professionally trained video monitoring agents. Our monitoring solutions take your cameras and add features and functionality to your system that haven't existed until today. These cameras can look for defined behaviors, sending alerts to our monitoring agents when necessary. They can be tied into your intrusion detection systems, can be linked directly with your access control systems, and can even provide solutions such as video escorts, video guard tours, video panic alarms, and video health checks.  We can even reduce your costs of operations by reducing the number of guards that you need on campus.

ATI also provides hosted video solutions that allow you to remove DVR and recording costs. Our hosted video solutions allow for event monitoring over a wireless or Ethernet network and can be moved from location to location. Place them in problem areas at sporting events, concerts, rallies, etc. until the issues are resolved or the event is over and then move them as needed.

Audio Visual Solutions

Our education specific audio visual solutions are perfect for every educational facility. We offer media based training and distance learning solutions and video presentation systems for your classrooms and lecture halls. These systems can expand your student footprint, allowing off-campus students to participate in on-campus classes.

Our systems also provide you with complete entertainment centers for events, concerts, lecture series and all your entertainment needs. Our network operations centers have the ability to watch any area on-campus through high definition displays, monitoring and managing events as they happen. Our digital signage can be used to route event traffic or as an emergency communications system to identify when a parking area is full and where other areas exist. Our digital signage system offers touch screen options that can deliver two-way interactivity between guests and campus guides and can be used in emergency situations.

Intelligent Building Technology

With IBT from Advance Technology Inc., you can have a single user interface to manage all of your buildings electronic solutions. You can control, monitor and optimize your full integrated building systems, including security, audio-visual systems, and climate and lighting controls. Tying them into your time and room scheduling systems can provide you with a level of efficiency that has been unavailable until today.

Our systems can control heating and air conditioning according to room use, and our shade systems manage natural light or passive solar to control heating and cooling in any room. Given that one of the most significant costs to schools and universities is heating and cooling expenses, it makes practical sense to start looking at our Intelligent Building Solutions to help manage these costs.

Maintenance Services

We offer a full suite of maintenance services for all of the systems we install, providing on-site and remote maintenance solutions that can lower your service costs and improve your systems efficiency. Protect your investment with a service contract.