Integrated Electronic Solutions for Biotechnology

In the expanding and highly demanding world of biotechnology, we understand the benefit of integrating multiple electronic solutions together for greater efficiencies, better protection, and lower operating costs.

Security Solutions

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals, running labs, developing chemical compounds, and/or working with hazardous materials presents a variety of risks from community activist, to product theft, to dangerous material leaving your facility. Whatever the risks your organization faces, we have the solutions to manage them. We provide comprehensive security solutions with high definition video surveillance technology.  Our video cameras can be married to video analytics software that watch for defined behaviors and send alerts when they are detected. Our video monitoring facility manages these alerts, has two way audio communications with whomever or whatever tripped the alerts, ensuring that you are significantly protected against dangers. We provide a full line of stand-alone access controlsystems that deny or allow access to areas by job tasks or authority, providing man traps and truck traps for extra control.  We provide managed access control and can tie this into video monitoring solutions, ensuring that eyes are watching 24/7/365. We offer video guard tours and even video escorts!  Our video guard tours can look in at every risk area once an hour, a day, or a week, depending on security concerns.  We'll record our tours, providing documentation to review and react to.  We will lower your liability and increase your peace of mind.

You can rely on us to provide you with comprehensive solutions for all your security needs.

Audio Visual Solutions

We create custom integrated audio visual systems for conferencing and collaborating allowing multiple organizations, offices, or researchers to communicate, face to face, over real time video feeds, no matter where the organizations or individuals are that you are communicating with. You can collaborate on projects or work on them as a team from multiple locations at the same time. Our media based training and distance learning centers allow you to teach and train others about the projects you're involved with, new products you’ve developed, or whatever wide-area message you wish to share with a group at one time.

Our streaming media delivery and serving solutions provide you with the resources to develop all of your communications platforms, sharing information safely, easily and securely.

Intelligent Building Solutions

We can provide you with a single user interface to manage your buildings electronic solutions, controlling, monitoring and optimizing your buildings security systems, your audio-visual and communications systems, and your climate and lighting controls. We can tie these together with your time and attendance systems, only lighting, heating or cooling areas, when they will be used. We can ensure that labs stay above or below certain temperature, protecting your product development.  We can open and close shades, harvesting natural light, offering you a level of efficiency and cost reduction that has been unknown until today.

Maintenance Services

We offer a full suite of maintenance services for all the systems we install providing on-site and remote maintenance solutions that can lower your service costs and improve your systems efficiency. Protect your investments with a service contract.