Integrated Electronic Solutions for Architects and Design Engineers

We partner with architects and design engineers to assist you in designing the most progressive, functional and cost effective facilities for your clients. Our progressive electronic solutions deliver feature rich systems that make your designs more competitive and more compelling.

Security Solutions

We offer the broadest suite of security solutions in the market. We custom design our systems, tailoring them to manage your clients individual risks and needs. Our industry experience and product offerings out pace the traditional security integrator, allowing you to rely on our team for the best solutions for your clients. We design systems that will work from the day of installation, needing minimal or no change during the installation process, and we service our systems with the most progressive solutions onsite or remotely.

We offer a full range of traditional security solutions. We can provide your clients with access control systems and managed access control including ID badge systems. We offer high definition video surveillance and 24/7 video monitoring solutions that provide unprecedented safety including video guard tours which significantly reduce your clients onsite guarding costs. We offer hosted video and asset tracking solutions all networked into one operational system.

Audio Visual Solutions

We offer video conferencing and collaboration solutions allowing many decision makers in multiple locations to speak face to face, through video technology, no matter where they are located in the world. Our media based training and distance learning centers allow clients to educate their teams and customers on new products, procedures or systems with just the click of a mouse. Our network operations centers allow them to monitor and manage every facility location locally, nationally and globally for risks at any location, from weather disturbances to political unrest. Our digital signage solutions lets your clients communicate with guests entering their facilities, provide folks that pass by their operations with new product offerings or new location information, and can even have interactive touch screens and two way audio communications, explaining where to find the resources they need on a campus or providing help in emergency situations.  Our systems can be easily managed from a computer desktop.

Intelligent Building Technology

Our IBT solutions provide your customers with a single user interface to manage their buildings electronic solutions, controlling, monitoring and optimizing your many buildings systems, such as security and audio-visual systems and climate and lighting controls.  We can tie these into your time and attendance systems, providing your clients with a level of efficiency and cost reduction that has been unknown until today. Your clients will be enthusiastic about these solutions, as they provide them with all the extras that make their building modern.

Maintenance Services

We offer a full suite of maintenance services for all the systems we install providing on-site and remote maintenance solutions that can lower your service costs and improve your systems efficiency.  Make sure to protect your investments with a service contract.