At Advance Technology, we offer a core of compatible technology solutions that can be customized for commercial clients by technology sectors and industry specific needs. The advantage to you is one vendor for many solutions. Through one point of contact, our skills and experience will maximize your company's overall efficiency by minimizing technological complications.

ATI is your solutions expert and your partner for success.

We started in 1994 under a company philosophy to advance, manage, maintain and provide customer service of the highest caliber. We started out integrating disparate security products into functional solutions. As a natural course of events, we added other technologies to our offering as customers requested them. This expanded our market expertise to the five core technology solutions that we offer today, and we’re not done growing.

Keeping up on the best available technology options is more than a full time job in today's world.  It is a job that is impossible for you to do on top of all of your daily tasks!  This is why we stay on the forefront of the technological evolution, assisting you in selecting the right products to address your specific applications. We design stable and reliable systems and employ a network of trained technology professionals that are certified on the products that we offer. We have a rigorous in-house training program, providing continuous development of our staff's technical knowledge.

Your product choices are endless. Don't let product hype drive your systems solutions; let a trained professional partner with you to create the results you desire. ATI produces positive results.