Video Surveillance in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Video Surveillance in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

High Definition Video Surveillance

Advance Technology brings the security community the most progressive and powerful video surveillance tools in the nation. 

Our high definition networked cameras, video surveillance software (VMS), and digitally based storage solutions are leading the industry.  We are masters in the art of designing high definition video surveillance systems with all the features and functionality required to meet your specific surveillance needs.  

High definition, networked systems are what has lead to the next evolution of Proactive Video Surveillance Systems.  These systems allow you to intervene, manage, deter, stop and apprehend perpetrators during an incident.  Proactive systems are groundbreaking, providing you with new cost effective tools that expand your camera capability through video analytics and monitoring solutions. 

Let us design, install and maintain your high performance, cost effective video surveillance solutions.

Our integrated solutions include: