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Parking Controls with 24/7 Monitored Protection

At Advance Technology we partner with you to engineer parking solutions for independent parking companies, municipalities, property managers, commercial industrial clients, campuses, or any commercial parking needs. We provide solutions for cash management, vehicle access, vehicle capacity, and security.

We offer streaming high definition video for real time parking area viewing including recording to hard drives or recorders for prosecuting vandals. You can monitor your facilities or we can monitor them 24/7 with live agents who have two way audio communications and are alerted when a defined behavior is seen by our cameras that have video analytics inside.

Our vehicle access systems function like any traditional access control solution and can be equipped with RFID, or radio frequency identification tags, that allow for hands free easy pass-through. We're committed to providing you with the highest quality parking solutions, with a full array of technology that manages your risks, all through a single, comprehensive, multi-level solution.

One Source

Our cash management system will accept cash or credit cards to open and close gates. For those with parking permits or authorized use, we provide access control cards and RFID systems for hands free access. ATI’s cash management systems provide a full audit trail of who came and went, and at what times, with video verification of faces, license plates, car models, age, and colors.

Understanding Your Objectives and Integrating the Right Solution

We bring our market expertise to organizations throughout the northeast, supplying the knowledge we have gained over decades of experience, in a variety of markets. Our sales and engineering teams will partner with you to identify exactly what you need. We'll train you and your team on how to maximize the use of your new system and we'll maintain your system with a service contract, remotely and on-site services.

Our talented technicians and support personnel bring over 50 years of experience to each integrated project, ensuring that every design is best in class, and easy to use. Our engineers and technicians understand the importance of quality and attention to detail in each installation. The result will be a frequently-used facility with an easy to use, optimal blend of high functionality and a maximum return of your investment.

Our integrated solutions include:

We tie cash management solutions into our comprehensive security solutions providing you with a higher level of expertise than a traditional cash management parking solution company. You'll have multiple solutions from one provider, ensuring that all your technology works as a single system.