Mass Notification and Emergency Call Systems for Public Safty

Mass Notification Systems and Emergency Call Stations

Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notification Systems

Alert everyone in critical locations and the surrounding vicinities in the case of an emergency, whether it’s a fire, a hazardous gas leak, an accident, an intruder or an assailant. Systems are designed to get your messages where they need to be, contacting people inside buildings and outside areas with the needed information in an emergency event.  You can alert people through sound systems, digital signage, emergency call systems, and personal devices such as cell phones and PDAs.

Our solutions can be integrated with other security solutions and quickly activated from a single location, enabling you to reach everyone as quickly as possible.  Tie them into your access control systems to automatically lock down doors and buildings, providing real time video feeds to emergency personnel onsite and in command and control center sending information out to cell phones and PDA’s.

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Emergency Call Stations

Emergency call stations can be placed in garages, around campuses, and in remote locations where individuals can call for help if needed. Call stations can have wide angle video cameras that stream images allowing emergency personnel to know the exact nature of a problem, providing evidence, identifying information, and an emergency notification.