ATI Team

ATI Team


Jesse Abbott

Role: CEO/Owner
Certifications: CPP
Joined ATI: Started the company in 1994.
Favorite pastime: Fly fishing
​When did you know you loved technology: When I realized that I could solve simple problems with neat solutions.
First gadget: Sony Walkman
What made you join the technology field: A logical extension of the construction trades.

Rob Simopoulos

Role: President
Joined ATI: In 2010
Favorite pastime: Youth taxi driver, driving kids to hockey, soccer and lacrosse.
Favorite team: Toronto Maple Leafs
When did you know you loved technology? When I hooked up my first CCTV camera in class!
Why did you join the technology industry? Friends told me about this college where I could learn to hook up spy cameras! The two year program was great and now I’m here.
First gadget: Atari

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Caleb Gaul

Role: Design Engineer                                                                                                      
Joined ATI: January, 2014
Favorite pastime: Playing and Writing Music
When did you know you loved technology? Around 8 years old when my Dad taught me how cassette tapes work. 
Why did you join the technology industry? It is great to have a job doing something you are passionate about and I love technology! 
First gadget: Apple 2-E Computer 
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Jeff LaChance

Role: Account Executive
Joined ATI: December of 2012
Favorite Pastimes: Sports, music, golf, and any other outdoor activities
Favorite teams: Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and any English Premier League Soccer match that’s on!
When did you know you loved technology? I started at an early age taking devices apart and learning how to put them back together. 
First gadget: Nintendo

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Jay White

Role: Audio Video Division Director, Designer, Consultant, Sales
Certifications: CTS – DMC – D
Joined ATI: In 2004 with a long history to the A/V market, filming editing and making videos.
Favorite Pastimes: Sports and music
Favorite teams: Patriots and Bruins
When did you know you loved technology? Started playing music in 6th grade and quickly learned how the equipment affected the sound and I was off and running, learning all I could about music from there. I studied audio and television production in college and knew this was all I ever wanted to do.
First gadget: Pong

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Paul Ziemba

Role: Sales
Joined ATI: In 2010
What made you join the technology industry: Security - the world is not getting any safer.

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Judy Smith

Role:  Inside Business Development
Joined ATI: May 2013
Favorite pastime:  Movies, Reading, visiting my nieces and nephew.
Favorite team: Patriots
When did you know you loved technology?  When I got my first cell phone in 1996. It rocked! 
Why did you join the technology industry?  I have been in the technology industry for about 20 years.  It’s always changing and exciting new things are always coming out.  It’s what people want and need.
First gadget:  Atari , my brother used it more than I did.  But it was still pretty cool at the time. 

Dave Boston

Role: Lead Technician
Certifications: CCure 9000
​Joined ATI: July 2, 2007
​Favorite pastime: Crunches
​First Gadget: Teddy Ruxpin
What made you join the technology field?: Seemed like a good fit

Bob Gilbert

Role: Technical Remote Support Supervisor
Certifications: CCure, Lenel Gold Certified, Exact Vision, Axis Certified Professional, Zebra Repair Specialist

Veteran: Yes, 5 ½ years in the Air Force. Stationed at Reese AFB in Lubbock, TX, Lorning AFB in Limestome, ME, and Lowry AFB in Denver, CO.

When did you know you loved technology: When I went through Air Force electronics training.

What made you join the technology industry: My background in electronics and my best friend said I should apply for a position they had at the company he was working at.

First gadget: Commodore 64 computer

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Chris Drew

Role: Technician
Joined ATI: September 2012
Favorite pastime: Working with Youth
Favorite team: Boston Red Sox
When did you know you loved technology?  Since High school in my Electronics Class
Why did you join the technology industry? I enjoy the challenge of putting systems together to perform certain tasks and fixing them when they don't work.
First gadget: Build my first computer from scratch.

Tony Foglia

Joined ATI: June 2012
Favorite pastime:spending time with friends and family 
Favorite team: NY Yankees
When did you know you loved technology? When I went to my first movie, Ghostbusters! I wanted to make a proton pack!
Why did you join the technology industry? 2003
First gadget: Nintendo 

Thomas Lindner

Joined ATI: In 2011
Certification: CCure 9000 certification
Favorite pastime: Reading
When did you know you loved technology: When I was a kid and I’d get an electronic toy and I’d play with it for a couple days and then I’d take it apart to see the resistors.
First gadget: Tandy hand-held football game and a transistor radio.
What made you join the technology industry: A good friend told me about ATI and what they did and when a position became available, I jumped at the chance.

Travis Bean

Role: Technician 

Joined ATI: November 2013

Favorite Pastime:

When did you know you loved Technology?

Why did you join the technology industry?